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Welcome to __suicidalxromances, a colloborated graphics community/journal, featuring Ashlie, Katy, Anna, and Kirstie previously graphix_by_ash, xjustreamingx, undeadtree and berry_graphix. This is our new home for our graphics. We have an array of styles, from Harry Potter to music to fashion to celebrities. Suggestions are taken and appreciated.

The Girls

Ashlie: 17. Kansas. Music lover. Hyper. On the eccentric side. Fall Out Boy. Panic! at the Disco. Teddy Geiger. Green Day. My Chemical Romance. Harry Potter. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Anti-girliness. Not fond of pink, but loves blue, black, purple, and red.
Yahoo: ashlienl
MSN: dey_call_me_ashrie@hotmail.com
AIM: imashrie

Katy: Pie rocks my socks. Boys sometimes amuse me. Harry Potter. Rain. Candles. Running. Pie.

Anna: I'm a 14 year old who's in love with icons. I make Mostly random things, but they include Make-up, Models, Harry Potter and like i said randomness. I have little expiriance but i'm open to suggestions. braceface__

Kirstie: I'm a 21 year old from New Zealand. I specialise in making bases, but also love to make icons of hawt guys and my favourite movies. robopatrick
The Boys

Leeness: I be the 15 year old, but rubbing, orange obsessed Leeness who likes to make the occasional Avvies here and there to provide you with. I suck at everything else so don't be expecting big masterpieces, just avvies lol. Ohh guess what!? I luff ya'll! mmmhmmm. leew2809

Luke: I'm 17 years old and I use the mighty Photoshop CS for my grpahics. I love to make fashion related icons. I love to make Paris Hilton, Olsen Twins and Mischa Barton icons. I hope you enjoy the icons I make. <3 luke_delacour

Their Rules

o1: No stealing. No one likes it when you steal. If we made it, say so. Don’t pass it out and say it’s yours or post it somewhere and pretend you made it. We will get angry and we will attack you with pitchforks and sporks.

o2: Do not hotlink. That’s as bad as stealing. Everyone works with limited space and stealing it isn’t fair to us. Please don’t do us, or you will be subject to the punishment as listed in Rule 1.

o3: Credit us. We want other people to see us and know us, too. If you use something we make, credit us. It’s only fair.

o4: If you like what you see or take something, we’d love it if you commented. Comments make us happy.

o5: We would greatly apprectiate if you pimp us out. Choose from one of our many lovely banners. ^.^

o6: Please don't criticize our stuff. If you don't like it, you don't like it. You don't need to go and tell us. Constructive critism is perfectly all right, but no flaming and/or bashing.

07: Have an idea or suggestion? Make it here.



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User Info: thesebullets

Layout: carriep63
edited by Ashlie ashlienl
Header: Ashlie ashlienl
Pictures from SarahSilver
Info Header: Ashlie ashlienl